1. General Cleaning

Use Water and a microfiber cloth, gently clean the area that is dirty. Also, you can mix in a small amount of mild soap if heavier cleaning is required. Rubbing alcohol can only be used on cleaning the aluminum body of the retractable banner stand x-frame or A-frame.

Please avoid using any chemical cleaning solutions on the printed banner surface - many chemicals will remove or smear the ink and damage the graphic.

2. Recommended Usage

A-frames are recommended for both indoor and out door use and are durable enough to withstand low to moderate wind conditions.

All Retractable Banners and X- frames are recommended for indoor use only, except for the Double-Sided Outdoor Retractable Banner.

3. Storage

When not in use, always ROLL your banners up with the ink facing inward and store them in the shipment box they arrived in (Or canvas case if you print your own banner). Please avoid ink-on-ink contact when rolling your banners - keep the printed surface from folding over onto itself to avoid unwanted ink transfer, especially in temperatures of 80° F or warmer. Never store your banner folded over with ink touching ink.

Keep the banners in a cool, dry area, avoid direct sun light and store the box vertically if possible. This will help keep the banners in their rolled position and preventing any creases that could occur by storing them on their sides, and it will also help you avoid any ink transfer.